I’ve worked up a bit of a rant this week, you’ll have to bear with me ;o)

1. We live in a technology driven world these days, where everywhere we go and spend, little snippets of data are recorded.  In supermarkets they go as far as to monitor what we spend so that we can get vouchers off things that we regularly buy, so why is it that Sainsbury’s can work out that I want a free bottle of Coke Zero, but it can’t tell that I shop every other week, and gives me money off vouchers for spending a certain amount that have to be used within a week?!

2. In the UK the government has an ongoing policy to try and get home insulation up so that we don’t waste so much energy.  There are free grants available if you receive certain benefits, or you live in certain areas, and yay, I qualify for one because of the ‘certain area’ I live in.  Alas, it’s run by the bureaucracy that is British Gas, and apparently they can only come out during a working day to assess what is needed.  Oh, and they can only install it on a working day too.  That’s handy…

Don’t worry though, the girl that I spoke to said it didn’t have to be me that was there, anyone could be there while they did it.  Excuse me while I rush out and find a complete stranger to do that for me…

Thankfully the new job has the option for me to work from home, so I shall sit there all day (they couldn’t possibly give me an appointment time you understand) and wait for the man with the tape measure to turn up.

3. For those of you that I know have just been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear my latest traffic problems, I have worked out the motorway junction conundrum.  No, it is not the fault of the idiot drivers, but, in fact, the idiot council employee that is responsible for light phasing.  There are 2 junctions within about 100 yards of each other, both of which I have to pass through to get onto the motorway.  Junction #1 has 3 roads with 3 sets of lights, junction #2 has 4 roads with 6 sets of lights.

Now do you think that the idiot light phaser has worked out how not to get people caught under the motorway bridge for 2 cycles of lights before releasing them?  Or how to let them in from junction #1 without causing chaos for the people trying to drive through without going to junction #2?  I think you can predict the answer to that.  Oh, and the idiot council has also not sent out the people with the yellow paint and rulers to put those useful boxes in place, so everyone can actually get caught in an un-releasable loop, excellent…

4. iTunes is driving me nuts – I can play my iPod through my new car’s stereo, but I can’t play a playlist on it, only an artist.  If I want to play playlists, I have to put them on a USB, which is fine, I can do that, but it can only play MP3s from a USB, not iTunes’ own AAC format.  Argh!  So I created an MP3 version of every piece of music I’ve got that wasn’t already an MP3 (way back in the dark ages when PC users had Musicmatch Jukebox to load tunes to our iPods, they were all MP3)

Now I have duplicates of about 75% of the music on my iPod/iTunes, and if I try and play an album now, it plays everything twice.  FFS!!!  iTunes themselves seems to have recognised the problem with having to create MP3s for anything else to play, but really, they couldn’t figure out a way to only play 1 version of each song?!  I tell you, if I’d been testing it, I’d have let them know all about their half-arsed solution.

5. I had to really hunt for a positive thing in my randomly ranty week, so here it is, I’ve discovered that my uncle can be my ‘agent’ at a quilt show, bet he never thought he could get to be a quilt agent when he grew up ;o)

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