Huh, last week I tried to happy it up and I got complaints that I wasn’t grumpy lol  So okay, here’s my thoughts for this week:

1. Did you know it was Mauritian Independence Day last week?  I knew because my team at work all abandoned me to enjoy their day off *sob*.  On the plus side, I get Good Friday/Easter Monday soon, so that makes me feel better!

This is their national flag:

I kind of like their civil ensign more though, what the heck is that critter on the left?!  And how many stags do you think are cavorting round tiny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

While I was in that flag database, I just had to check out a few other funky ones, how about:

Chuuk (Truk) from Micronesia

How cool is the pattern on the left of this one?


I swear the smaller nations have more fun with their flags, how about this?


Or this?

Ste Pierre & Miquelon

Funkiest flag ever though?  Totally goes to Nepal, I mean really, who wants boring rectangular flags…

2.  How can my office be so cold that I spend Monday wearing the hoodie that’s normally my inner jacket, and by Wednesday I go home with a thumping headache and threatening pit rings?!  I think they turn the heating off over the weekend to save money, and don’t actually turn it on til we’re back in, then crank it up too high so we roast the rest of the week.


Wednesday – Friday, I’m 3rd from the end ;o)

3. Remember that loft insulation I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago?  Turns out I don’t qualify because my available loft space that I have access to doesn’t cover 2/3 of my property (it’s an odd flat that’s split between an old and new part of the building with 2 separate roof spaces) – boooo.

This picture gets in as the weirdest thing that came back when searching for non-energy efficient.  The bear’s cute though…

4. If a chilli squirts you in the eye once when you’re deseeding it, it’s unfortunate.  If it happens twice, you need to revise your chilli dissection techniques…  My eye is now more or less fine.

5. Comic Relief’s red noses can inspire you in the strangest of ways, watch this space…

This guy was my favourite

Did I get the mix right this week, oh discerning critics? ;o)

Live A Colorful Life