Another week, another rant set of observations on life.  I feel I approach these as an ‘every day’s a school day’ mentality, so let me gather together for you my vast wealth of wisdom gleaned over the last week:

1. If you ever go out with my friend Ciara, make sure that during your time spent together you move around to sit on different sides of her, otherwise you’ll end up with a crick in your neck from keeping your head turned that way, and laughing so much!

2. Bar Soba in Glasgow sells some fab Asian fusion food, but if you have their Thai inspired ‘burger’* then there’s a good chance you’ll still be tasting it the following lunchtime even if you’ve cleaned your teeth in between.  Twice.

 * The burger in question is beef mince mixed with Thai spices such as garlic, chilli and lemongrass, shaped like a kofta and presented in a wrap with some lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo

3. Cause of wonderment of the week – if snow has complete obscured all the speed limit signs, but the road is clear because it’s been well salted, can they do you for speeding if you go over the posted 40 mph?

4. Conversely, if idiots insist on only doing 50 in a 70 zone on a perfectly clear, dry day, can they be done for not speeding?

5.  Did you know I have mild synaesthesia?  Certain words have tastes for me, and I could really do with Syria being out of the news right now because it tastes of rice krispies swimming in milk, which I’m not that fond of, so can you just work on that peace process please guys?  Thank you!

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