Well, done from the contribution point of view anyway.  I had Hadley’s top to complete once I had made up my own ‘block’ for it (the infamous 10″ x 60″ one of yesterday!).  In her own words, she asked for the following:

I do not want wonky,
I would like a combo of squares and rectangles of various sizes,
I would like as many different prints as you can muster within the strip, or rather, as few repeats as possible within a row, but some repeats between rows, if you spot a print someone else has used will help the quilt be more cohesive,
Like Susan, I like the idea of negative space, so within the strip I would like about half a dozen random white squares of various sizes, as long as they are white I do not mind if they are Moda Bella, Kona or Klona, just proper white!

Mostly Teal, Aqua, Orange, Green, Blue, Grey with touches of other colours within prints is fine, like the Dis (plural) fabric selections, but no big chunks of red or primary colours thank you.

Prints & Fabrics:
I think a mixture of big and smaller scale prints will work really well; a strip of all large, or all teeny won’t look so good. No solids thank you.

I HATE batiks, please don’t try to sneak any in, they make me sad, also anything that has that smudgy look, or like little bubbles, you know the sort.

I love bolder more graphic prints, think Amy Butler, Momo and Joel Dewberry but ANY Heather Ross is more than welcome.

No comedy, or kiddie prints!

I laid them all out on my kitchen floor as best I could before choosing my own fabrics, then trawled back and forth with handfuls of fat quarters until I found what would work best (I hope)  Of course we’re not actually allowed to reveal until April, so here’s the sneak peek of my strip…

The whole thing is rather effective, but you’ll have to take my word for that until she shares ;o)

I can’t wait to get mine back, here’s what I sent and asked for:


I’d like to replicate the vehicles from my chosen fabric (1 and 2 in the mosaic) on a large scale, and I’ve included a few other pics for inspiration.

So, I’d like you to make 1 24″ square block. I shall make 2 to make it up to 9

Feel free to paper piece, regular piece and/or applique.


Please use a white background – I’ve used klona white, which is a pretty pure white

I’d like you to mainly use the main colours from the fabric line, that is yellow, teal, orange and grey, but I don’t mind if you use solids or patterned fabrics.

I do not like batiks either, nor am I fond of big swathes of civil war type prints.

I’ve seen some intriguing sneaky peeks so far, but I shall just have to wait for Annabella to work her magic…