I have a little puzzle for you to ponder today, and for which there is no right nor wrong answer, it’s entirely a matter of interpretation.

The above is a quilt block I made for Susan as part of Brit Bee last year.  She had asked for blocks of all different sizes, so it was entirely open for me to interpret, but what happens when you are asked to make something of a specific size?

If you were asked to make a strip, for example, that was 10″ x 60″, what would you make?

a) a strip that was 10″ x 60″ in total

b) a strip that was 10 1/2″ x 60 1/2″ in total

Note that the original specification of this did not mention finished or unfinished, and, as I said there is really no right or wrong answer, just what would you do?  Consider this some kind of social experiment :oD