Well since I didn’t get out to play last weekend after all, I did manage to work on a few things, although I have no finishes other than getting to the end of my toddler tantrum about not getting out to play ;o)  I hope you all had a productive and fun week!

Finishes This Week:

Not a thing…

In Progress This Week:

The bear – I now have a new head, and have the feet done as of last night (pics later in the week) so I’m moving on to jointing him this week.  There is an addition to go inside this bear that I still need to get from my customer, but I couldn’t do that until he was all but done.  Here’s the disembodied head to keep you going anyway:

Madrona Corners – The pile of fabric below has started to be transformed, but I had a few rethinks along the line, which meant progress wasn’t fast, but I’m happier with how things are going, albeit I’ve nothing much worth sharing!

To Be Worked On This Week:

The bear – hopefully he’ll be done by next week, depending on a couple of things with the customer

Madrona Corners – I’m hoping to get the top done this week

Hadley’s Stitch Tease quilt top – I’m also hoping to get this done this week, I have my own strip to make, then I just need to join them all together (I suspect I might have an easier job than some of  my bee-mates ;o) )

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