I inadvertently spent all of International Quilt Day sewing, which is in no way a bad thing, I just hadn’t realised what day it was at the time!  I got almost an entire quilt top done that day (the rest having been done the weekend before) and on Sunday I got the last blocks for my Brit Bee quilt done.  This week I won’t be as productive at sewing quilt tops, but on Saturday I’m going to be having a go on a long arm for the first time – I can’t wait!

Finishes This Week:

None, but I’m good with that!

In Progress This Week:

Madrona Corners – top done, photos to follow when it stops precipitating, especially the white stuff!

Retro Flowers – remaining blocks needed for my quilt done:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Quilting Madrona Corners
Assembling my Retro Flowers top
Finishing my NYB cushion – I ordered the surrounding fabric in a great deal from the Oakshott specials section (since my NYB is from the Oakshott sunrise bundle), so I’m hoping that will be a quick finish, as I’m not intending to actually quilt it.

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