This month I only have Brit Bee to make for (what with having had an entire blinking quilt last month for Stitch Tease, we get a month off now!).  Ceri came up with a fabulous idea, inspired by this quilt from Ashley at Film In The Fridge:

umbrella prints quilt

Firstly she asked us to send her a doodle that we’d done that she then carefully cut into a stencil and made screen prints from it in a couple of different colours on a couple of different types of fabric.  Then she threw in some other prints from Karen at Blueberry Park, and from Sara Waterford, who she’d found on Etsy.  Accompanying all this was a bunch of solids, and instructions to use our doodle as the centre of on 12″ block, and one of the other prints as the centre of the other.

This is the fabric I started with:

Here’s my block done with the prints from other people:

And this is the one with my doodle at the centre.  I should explain that originally Ceri didn’t tell us what she wanted the doodles for, so mine originally had millions of teeny stars round it, which wasn’t ideal for screen printing stencils!

I do hope I fulfilled the brief okay!