Given my bag filled Easter weekend, and the generous giveaway from Sara at Sew Sweetness, I thought perhaps a Bag-Along would be in order after all your comments in the giveaway about what you would like to learn. Taking into account your extensive wishlist of techniques, I’ve come up with an idea for a 15” x 11 1/2” x 5 1/2” bag that can be used as either a camera bag, or as a good sized hand bag, perhaps even as a baby changing bag, but what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you!  I’m using mine to house my baby:

At the moment I have the following techniques included:

External zip pocket
Internal zip pocket
Bellows pocket
Elasticated pockets
Twist and turn lock
Adjustable strap
Recessed zip opening
Bag feet

I did try and fit leather handles in there, but it just wasn’t happening, sorry!  I am hoping to have a pattern ready to go for the middle of May for this, and am going to offer it for a deeply discounted price for the duration of the bag-along.  I’m intending to cover at least one technique in one post per week, but I don’t want to rush you through this, so would that pace seem reasonable? Or would you prefer two posts per week?

I will try and get the fabric/interfacing/hardware requirements up 2 weeks before we start, just in case you need to order anything.  I’m assuming you’ll all have fabric, it’s the rest of the stuff I’m worried about ;o)

I will also be looking for 5 pattern testers prior to this, so if you think you can get a bag made up, and feedback back to me within the 3 weeks from 22/04 – 12/05, please let me know in the comments what your bag making experience is.  I would suggest that the required skill level for this would be intermediate, but if you are a particularly enthusiastic beginner with at least some experience in some of the techniques being used, then I will accept that too.  If you’ve never used any of these before, don’t worry about it, I’ll walk you through it step by step during the bag along :o)

**EDIT, all testing positions have been filled, thank you