After wearing myself out on the long arm 2 Saturdays ago, I spent the Sunday putting my Brit Bee + guest Retro Flowers top together.  The original pattern was for a 4 x 4 arrangement with borders, but having made my mum a 3×3 one, I decided that if I was going to have one for myself I wanted a bed sized one.  I also decided that I wasn’t going to be making the 30 flowers I reckoned I needed myself (I’m not daft ;o) ) so I farmed out the work to my sweat shop asked the lovely Brit Bee ladies, to make 2 each for me, and Cindy generously volunteered another one, so that left me with only 7 to make myself, which was much more appetising!

Here’s the top (which I may or may not have been arranging blocks for at 1:30 am on either the Tuesday or Wednesday night the week before (I was so sleep deprived I can’t actually remember which!)  Don’t ask me why that time, I just suddenly took a notion before I went to bed at 12:45, and then I got a bit lost in the arranging/rearranging *ahem*  In my first attempt at photographing it I nearly lost it across the carpark in the wind and snow, this time I only had to battle the wind, which had marginally died down…

This top will now be going off to Trudi for some special feathery treatment, as really, feathers are beyond me on the long arm right now (both time and experience wise) and I’m hoping we’ll be reunited at FQR for some photo ops with the gang :o)

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