This last weekend was the British Quilt & Stitch Village in Uttoxeter, where the inimitable Mrs Jones had challenged her mad and feckless brave and loyal readers to join her in entering a quilt into the competition.  Several of us rose to the challenge and threw caution to the wind as we entered our modern creations into what was a rather traditional pool.

I met up with Ange, Kerry, Susan and Reene so that we could be pass remarkable about browse around the  exhibits and do a little retail therapy (it really was a little given the somewhat limited selection of modern fabrics…)

First of all there was some posing to be done:

Kerry with her pixelated Stephen Fry
Ange and her chevrons

There are pictures of me with mine, but they’re secret ;o)

We also saw Mrs Jones’ own entry:

There was a debate about whether or not this was the voile version of this quilt, so we broke the cardinal rule and *gasp* touched it…  I did say I would tweet her and ask if we got challenged ;o)

There was some truly amazing work there, hours of painstaking effort put into both piecing and quilting on the quilt front, and into creating the pictures on the embroidery front.  We found a couple of little things though that we knew would be right up Hadley’s street:

She seemed strangely resistant to the idea though…