So have you bought any cool new toys recently?  I have, but I think my new toys might be a sign that I’m easily amused.  Or that I need to get out more.  Or both ;o)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I saw someone posting that they’d found a great deal on Clover Wonder Clips on Amazon, but it was the US site, and to be honest, I didn’t fancy coughing up for all the postage and for whatever customs fancied taking before Royal Mail added on their extortionate handling fee.  I had picked up a pack of 10 when I was doing the grand tour of the US last October, so I knew how good they were, and had been thinking I needed more for bag making, so that lead me to look at the UK site, and lo and behold, I could get a box of 50 for about Β£20, which wasn’t that far off the $18 deal on the US site.

As I’d been searching for them, however, I’d also discovered that they do jumbo ones, how cool is that?! (yeah, easily amused, remember ;o) ), I thought these would be extra good for super sized bags, no more angular pins for me (they start off straight, they just don’t, well, stay that way in heavy duty bag making!)

They arrived pretty quickly, and the bonus was that they offered free shipping, although I think the company on the marketplace I got mine from was from the US, so they dealt with all the import hassle for me – bliss!

Here they are out of the packet so you can get an idea of size of the 2 lots.  I’ve been using the red ones a lot this week on the bag-along bag, but I haven’t tried the green ones yet…

So have you grabbed a ‘must have’ sewing tool of late?  What was it?  You know, just in case I *need* it…

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