The time has come to look back at what I achieved in Q1 of the Finish Along 2013.  Waaaaay back in January, here’s what I naively thought hoped I could do:

she can quilt

1. A new project in the form of a supersized commission bear, although I’m waiting for the fabric to be chosen for that yet, so no photos so far, sorry!  DONE

2. Ruler holder for my new shelves – I still need to choose the fabric for this. NOT DONE – I got the fabrics chosen, and then kind of fell out of love with the idea, I think I’ll just stick a nail in the wall…

3. Ironing board cover: DONE

4. Winterkissin’: NOT DONE The top of this is done, but it’s waiting to be quilted.  I’ll be long arming it, but I’m going to carry it over to Q3, so it’ll be done for next Christmas :oD

5. & 6. Indie stars: Both DONE

7. Messenger bag: DONE

8. Retro Brit Bee Flowers: NOT DONE The top is done, but it’s being sent off to be quilted, so will be postponed to Q3.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a dry, calm day to take a photo since I finished it…

9. Pips In Nine: NOT DONE – Well, I gave this one away, so it’s off my list anyway ;o)

10. SHQ: NOT DONE – I gave this to Jess for her Tassie quilt appeal, so technically she’s finishing it off

11. Mod Mosaic Quilt: NOT DONE – I have a new plan for this in Q3

12. NYB Cushion: DONE

13. Madrona Rd Corners: NOT DONE – If I’d not been so overambitious with the quilting I might have been done this last week, but alas, too detailed, so it will roll over to Q2:

So 6/12 totally done, and 3 quilt tops, so half done.  Not that bad, but perhaps I was a tad overambitious in general.  So unlike me…

How did you do?

For my 3 for March, I fared rather worse:

traceyjay quilts

1. Madrona Corners.  No really, I’ve been desperate to start this since I came up with the idea in December, I might have a great big noisy fuss be rather upset if I don’t get to this ASAP! NOT DONE – see #13 above…

2. The commission bear.  I want this out of the way within the first week of this month, for my own sanity if nothing else! DONE

3. Retro Flowers.  I so want to get my Brit Bee quilt finished this month:  NOT DONE – see #8 above…

1/3.  Oh well.