Remember that WIP List Of Shame from the start of the year?  Well it’s time to start making another dent in it for quarter 2 of the Finish Along:

she can quilt

I also have a few carry-overs from Q1, although 2 of them will fall into Q3 because there are others involved in their delivery.  So what do we have?

1. Madrona Corners – carried over from Q1, this will be quilted by the end of tomorrow, and by the end of the weekend I hope to have the binding on:

2. Echo Bella – I really want to get this finished this quarter, as I think it will help my improv skills when I try and assemble it all:

3. Rainbow Road Tote – I totally changed my mind from my original plan for this, and it should be a simple finish, I just need to pull my finger out and do it:

4. Frog Prince Pouch – this should be another quickie, if I can just get it done before I head on holiday in June, it can hold a little project I have for a summer sew along I’m taking part in:

5. SS Cushions – because, you know, I need more cushions ;o)  Just kidding, I would like to get these done for the technique practice:

6. Carl Chameleon Tote – again, this should be quick, another pulling my finger out one:

7. QAYG Table Mats – I really would like better backgrounds for my food blog, and now the evenings are lighter and I can maybe start getting photos in front of the kitchen window, I could do with getting these done:

8. Piece Bee With You Viewmaster Cushions – I doubt I’ll ever see any more of these blocks now, so I’m just going to make a cushion out of the 4 I have, maybe with a filmstrip type covering over the zip on the back:

9. Sew Along Bag – more details to be announced over the next few days.

10. Quilt for Siblings Together – Rhonda did the top and provided the backing for this, I just need to baste, quilt and bind it ready to take to FQR:

11. Get 3 bag patterns up for sale.  I have a lot of this done for 2 patterns so far, I just need to wrap it all up, then I might be recruiting some pattern testers…

What’s on your list?  Have you signed up?  There’s great prizes available, so head on over to Leanne’s and join in.

For this month in the Year Of Lovely Finishes, I’m going to keep it simple.  Madrona Corners is the main focus of my attention as it has to be at the British Quilt & Stitch Village competition at the end of this month: