It’s that time of the week again…

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that the closer you think you are to the finish of something, the more things crawl out of the woodwork to bite you?  That happened to me with Madrona Corners this week – first I thought all I had to do was square it up (which turned out to be no mean feat in itself), bind it and hide all my ends.  Then I realised it needed a little hand quilting in the panels.  Then I realised I had a label to attach to it.  Then I realised it needed a flipping hanging sleeve.  ARGH!  Now it’s in one of these winging its way to Malvern (well, probably chuff-chuffing to be honest)

I’ve discovered I need to stop using my jacket pockets instead of a handbag after reading one tribute to Margaret Thatcher by former US Secretary Of State James Baker, who described the “Thatcher doctrine” thus:

“First, decide what is right, even if that is not always convenient or expedient.

“Second, let people know what is right, give people a sound direction, trust them – sooner or later they will recognise what is right.

“Third, be persistent; don’t give up and don’t let up.

“Fourth and finally, when negotiations stall, get out the handbag! The solution is always there, usually written on a small piece of paper deep within it.”

Now I wasn’t a fan of the woman, but I think I might use this principle at work, except I was thinking of just battering them with the handbag at the end, think it’ll work?

Apparently turbulence is due to increase in transatlantic flights in coming years, I wonder if that means that instead of plastic ‘glasses’ and trays of food, we’ll end up with travel mugs of soup and other fluids…

It’s no great surprise to hear that it’s been the best season ever for snow sports centres in Scotland, but should we really be shocked that retail sales in March were down because people weren’t buying summer clothes?!  Apparently it came as a surprise to the Retail Consortium…

The winning jockey at the Grand National rejoices in the name of Ryan Mania, so does that mean his fans will be going through Mania mania wherever he appears?

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