If last week was the ‘science’ edition, this week is the ‘seen and heard’ edition…

1. Overheard in the loos at work, a conversation between 2 colleagues discussing their upcoming holiday plans:

Woman 1: I’m off to Benidorm with the girls for a long weekend

Woman 2: That’ll be nice, when are you going?

Woman 1: Next Tuesday to Saturday.

I really want her weekends…

2. A bet was taking place between 3 other colleagues, one, a German, was declaring that Frankfurt was the largest airport in Europe, another, who’s French, was stoutly defending Charles De Gaulle, and the third, who’s Scottish, decided to back the Frankfurt argument.  The French contingent bet the German contingent £10 that Charles De Gaulle was biggest.  And who was right?  Err, none of them, the largest is actually Heathrow, although Charles De Gaulle comes second, with Frankfurt languishing down in third.

3. The sun came out this week, and with no snow in sight for a change, everyone in the West of Scotland stripped down to their t-shirts and started munching ice-cream – we’ll not go into the fact that it was a whole 10C…

4. How do you pack your lunch for work?  Or for your kids?  I bet you don’t go to this much trouble, but I wish I had someone that would do this for my lunch, I’ll never be able to look at my boring Lock and Lock lunchbox in the same way again…  Check out more of David Laferriere’s work here

Colorful surprise

5. I discovered this week that nearly 200 years ago they came up with the first tinned food.  I also discovered that it took them 10 years to come up with a dedicated device to actually open the things.  Genius…

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