Now that I’ve shared what came back to me, I thought I would show you what I actually sent out too!

Here are the blocks/strips I contributed for everyone else (you may recall them a little more, err, fractious in their previous features ;o) )

For Annabella, who wanted scrappy curves that weren’t too bright.  I might have gone a tad OTT layering these circles up, but I was having fun with my Sizzix!

Danny’s, who asked for a strip of our favourite blocks.  I was going through an improve phase (still am really!) and I love rainbows, so this was as close as I could get. It really was straight, but a combination of ‘lens bend’ and wonky taping conspired against me ;o)  Oh, and this is the one where I couldn’t read the instructions and made mine 12″ x 72″ rather than the 70″ asked for – oops!

For Di N, the pinwheels from hell lol  Nah, just kidding, I just had serious sizing issues with the blocks on this (entirely my fault)  Hopefully you can see the one in the bottom right kind of spinning off.  You may also recognise the star of the twister tute ;o)

For Di S, this is in pieces because I couldn’t get a good full length photo.  She asked for a word block with images, so I thought that as such a family loving lady I’d do something to represent each member of her immediate family – a tooth for the 3 dentists, a mini patchwork quilt for Di herself, a chef’s hat for the chef, and a fireman’s helmet for the fireman:

For Helen, a host of wonky coloured patterned stars where the points and centres were different colours, all on an ash grey background.  Again I had an idea of scale that didn’t quite match up with what came out – my spacial perception is not the best, but I hope it gave the rainbow effect I was after, and I tried to make her favourite colours into the biggest star:

Finally, for Susan, a wonky white star on a scrappy colourful background.  There was lots of maths in this one to get the squares to come out right, which possibly isn’t entirely scrappy, but my head was starting to hurt trying to figure out how I could get all those scraps in otherwise!

And this is the top I finally assembled for Hadley, which, if you recall, was the source of a certain amount of measuring angst ;o)  My strip is on the bottom.  Hadley asked for the infamous 10″ x 60″ strip made up of a combination of squares and rectangles (and absolutely no wonk, we’ll not go there on my trimming *ahem*), she wanted teal, aqua, orange, green, blue and grey, with some white pieces randomly thrown in.

Pop over and see what the other girls’ tops looked like and their opinions:



Di N

Di S