We’ve been torturing you all for a year now, showing sneaky peeks of teeny areas of blocks, pixelated images, and employing frankly devious techniques to avoid letting both you and the eventual quilt owners know what the end result would be!  The time has now come to show off our beauties, which have finally wended their way home.  One of the best bits of this has been how 8 women scattered across the globe, from the US to the Czech Republic, Switzerland to the UK, Morocco to, err, the UK again, have managed to pull together a final quilt, when all any of us but the final ‘top-assembler’ have seen are photographs, e-mailed between us, of the blocks as they’ve been made.

Our rules were thus – we were all to create a starting point that everyone would see, issue a set of instructions on the Flickr group about what we wanted everyone else to do in terms of theme, colours, and dimension, show a mosaic of what we were thinking of, and then send the starting block (or blocks) off to the last person in line behind us, who would be the final block maker and be responsible for assembling the entire top.  We were to use one fabric unique to us in every block (which I admit I forgot about a couple of times, so mine ended up in the siggy blocks instead!), and the rest was whatever we had in our stash that would fulfil the brief for the block in question. Overall I contributed 3 strips and 4 actual blocks (which was all dependent on how we’d decided to lay things out)

My fabric, which I based my theme on, was from the fabulous Monaluna for Birch Fabrics, Circa 52 collection, with my main fabric being this one:

Katy's Stitch Tease Choice

I asked for the following:


I’d like to replicate the vehicles from my chosen fabric (1 and 2 in the mosaic) on a large scale, and I’ve included a few other pics for inspiration.

So, I’d like you to make 1 24″ square block. I shall make 2 to make it up to 9

Feel free to paper piece, regular piece and/or applique.


Please use a white background – I’ve used klona white, which is a pretty pure white

I’d like you to mainly use the main colours from the fabric line, that is yellow, teal, orange and grey, but I don’t mind if you use solids or patterned fabrics.

I do not like batiks either, nor am I fond of big swathes of civil war type prints.

And my mosaic looked like this:

2nd Stitch Tease Mosaic...

And this is what my first 2 blocks looked like (a couple of us opted to have a 9×9 layout of square blocks, hence provided 2 to start with to make up the numbers)

This is what came back to me.  Isn’t it fabulous?  Several of the ladies reported bursting into tears when they opened theirs, I always knew I was wired a little differently because I burst out laughing!  It’s hysterical, I’d never imagined I’d get rockets shooting to the moon, or bikes complete with luggage, or such a collection of motorised vehicles, and isn’t the robot on the planet a hoot?  I had left a naughty, not so subtle hint to Annabella, my assembler, that I thought my mad atom shape would work well in the centre, but really, I trusted her implicitly in whatever she decided (didn’t she decide well though? ;o) )  Also, I apologise, it was blowing a gale as I tried to take this photo!

In no particular order, the close ups…

Di N actually sent me a photo of the car she used as inspiration (the taking of which caused some marital strife!), and can you see that she stitched the name of the car onto the bonnet?!

Susan indulged my love of VW camper vans (it’s straight, honest, but remember it was blowing a gale!)

Hadley sent her herons into space, they gave me a definite giggle:

Di S did this amazing bike, and can you see the passenger on the back?  She got a photo of Jack and printed him onto fabric, then popped him on the pile of books – I spotted him in the car park as I was taking this and about died laughing:

Danny gave me a robot pal

Annabella gave me another rocket, although this one is bereft of visible passengers

And Helen replicated some of the cars from the original print:

My original plan was to do something for the back, but then I’d planned originally to actually use it, now I think it will have to be a wall hanging, so I shall save my back plan for another day!  I took this up to show Carole and Brian the long armers, who were amazed by it too, and we had a brief discussion on how I might quilt it.  I think I shall maybe make the quilting specific to each block, and use it to emulate the movement of the contents of the block with some FMQ (on my machine rather than the long arm though, since it’s not that big)