I’m still busy getting the pattern finalised, while my testers are putting me through my paces, but I thought that if you were going to join us through the bag-along, that I would give you a head start to start gathering materials.  As a reminder, this is what we’re attempting to make:

It is 15″ wide x 11 1/2″ high x 5 1/2″ deep.

You will need the following:

Fabric Requirements:

• 1 yd / 1 m outer fabric
• 1 ¼ yd / 1 m main lining fabric
• 1 ¼ yd / 1 m secondary lining/strap fabric

Interfacing & Interlining Requirements:

• 2 ½ yds / 2 m  22” wide woven interfacing  (Vilene G700 or Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex)
• 2 yds / 2m  34” wide woven interfacing (Vilene G700 or Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex)
• 1 yd / 1m Vilene H640 thick fusible fleece, or Pellon TP971F Fusible Thermolam **
• 1 ½ yd / 1 ½ m fusible hemming web (e.g. Vilene Wundaweb or Heat’n’Bond Hem)
• 18” x 22” / 50 cm x 50 cm foam – ½” / 1cm thick  (optional for camera bag padding inserts)

**please note that if you are trying to substitute for other types of interlining, these are approx ¼”/ 5mm thick

Hardware & Notion Requirements:

• 2 x 1 ½” rectangular rings (inner measurement)
• 1 x 1 ½” strap slide (inner measurement)
• 2 x twist locks
• 6 x bag feet
• 15” x 5 ½” grid bag bottom or template plastic **
• 1 x 9” zip to match lining
• 1 x 16” zip to match outer fabric
• 1 x 18” zip to match outer fabric
• ½ yd / ½ m  1” flat elastic
• 1 ½ yd / 1 ½ m  piping cord – ¼”/ 5mm diameter
• 1 yd / 1 m hook and loop Velcro – ½” / 1 cm wide  (optional for camera bag padding inserts)
• Thread to match outer fabric
• Thread to match lining fabric

** grid bag bottom is similar to plastic canvas used for cross stitch, and could be substituted

Now I’m quite sure that you all have a sizeable fabric stash, or at least know where to get your next fix some more, but I realise that the other items may be a little more challenging, so I’ve found you a little list of suppliers:

For the hardware within the UK I recommend Handbag Hardware (although they are out of stock of a couple of items at the time of writing, Judith assures me that they should be getting more stock in around the 6th of May)  They had by far the best deal I could find for all my metal hardware, grid bag bottom and the Vilene H640 fusible fleece.

On Etsy, I have had great service from BagPurseFrames for my metal hardware, but be aware they ship from China, so it can take a few weeks to get things!

If anyone has any suggestions of good places in other parts of the world, then I’m happy to feature them here, just leave a comment!