The first order of business for today is to choose the winners of Sara’s generous giveaway.  My numbers appear to have disappeared from my comments since the last giveaway, so you’ll have to trust that I can count okay!

Winner #1 is:

Who is:

Winner #2 is:

Who is:

Winner #3 is:

Who is:

Congrats to all 3, I’ve e-mailed you already.

Now thanks to all the comments, I’ve decided that perhaps a bag sew along, incorporating the most common  challenges people faced, would be in order.  I will say that this will be a little time off as I actually still need to get the pattern designed, made up, and the pattern written, but I hope I will be set by early May, with hopefully some previews before that.

All that out of the way, it’s also time to see what I managed to finish in March.    Hmm, not much to show really!  I did get 3 quilt tops done, but haven’t got a photo of the 2 for me, and can’t share Hadley’s lol  Oh well, I also got a bunch of bags done over the weekend, but haven’t been able to take them on a photo shoot yet I’m afraid!

March Makes

Oh, and this guy, who, because he’s on Instagram, can’t make it into the mosaic:

Hope you all had a productive month!  Linking up to:

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