Around a year ago I was lucky enough to be invited to join Brit Bee, after one of the original members was unable to continue into the second year.  I joined an amazingly talented group of characters (I hesitate to use the word ‘ladies’ ;o) ) and after we were all able to meet up at FQR last year, we have had several get togethers since with varying numbers of attendees – this last weekend was another one at Susan’s (alas, 5 absentees this time).  Susan is a great hostess, especially when it comes to evicting her kids to give you a bed for the night!  She’s also rather more efficient with the camera, so I’ve gone round and nicked photos from her and a few others that were there.  We’re a sharing bee ;o)  *ahem*

We congregated in the kitchen for a while:

Just in case anyone thought that Jude was the sensible one… ;o)
It was obviously a very serious discussion…

We ate, drank and were merry:

Photo acquired from Susan

And we all gathered under a tree (after Ange had escaped), at Jude’s instruction, and half of us ended up looking like we have some facial disfigurement.  One might say it was an improvement for some… ;o)

Photo acquired from Susan

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