You may remember that a wee while ago I was teasing you with a preview of a magazine that I was going to appear in.  Well the time has come, get your wallets out and head to WH Smiths, Creative Bag Making hits the shelves today!

The last time I was trying to get you to guess which one on the test cover was mine, and most of you failed miserably ;o)  However, here is my contribution, a simple beach tote:

I got the fun fabric in Provence a couple of years ago, and it just screamed summer and beaches to me (possibly I was thinking of fancy deckchairs!)  I wonder what I’ll find there this summer…

In other bag related news, there’s been a bit of a delay to the Bag-Along preparation, and a couple of my testers have had unavoidable crises which has meant they won’t be able to get theirs done, so if you would be interested in testing the Bag-Along bag, with a new deadline of 13/06/13, please let me know in the comments – I’m looking for 3 volunteers if possible.