I know I was going to be focussing on Carl this week, but having had a bit of a practice with what I was going to do for Brit Bee for this month on the bank holiday weekend, in anticipation of the fabric arriving, when it finally dropped through the door last Wednesday I got stuck right in there and had it finished by the end of the evening.

Jo was our queen this month, and she went for triangles, my absolute nemesis (she didn’t seem a bit sorry about it either, though she did send chocolate ;o) )  I sucked it up though, and used what I learned at SS in Faith and Kati’s class to produce this.

In case you weren’t aware Jo runs a Liberty crack den supply shop, so she sent us a bunch of brightly coloured Liberty, plus a few friends, to combine with a wide variety of low volume fabrics, with the idea being that the Liberty make up about 1/3 of the block (which I think I managed exactly :oD )