When I was constructing the Teabag Pouch from Patchwork, Please! yesterday for giveaway day (if you would rather just go to the freebies, that’s here BTW), I had a couple of head scratching moments at the beginning that I would really have appreciated some photos or diagrams for!  Since there were none, and having muddled through myself, I thought I’d maybe help out any of you in a similar predicament.

When you start to make the pockets, you sew the tops of the pocket outer and lining together, and then the bottom.  Now this is where you have your first challenge as the 2 pieces are different lengths o.O  This is how it will work:

Step 1 – stitch the top edges together (please ignore the interfacing already in place, I thought I’d be a smart arse and do it ahead of time.  Don’t do that!)  Note that if you’re using a directional print for the lining, it needs to be upside down at this point if your outer fabric is also directional

Step 2 – shuffle the lining fabric up to meet the bottom of the outer fabric

Step 3 – turn the thing through

Step 4 – press, and then after that pop the interfacing in.  Mine is now doubly interfaced…

Step 5 – top stitch the bottom edge – I also did the top edge because I have symmetry and evenness issues ;o)

And here’s the final thing:

You will also note that I top stitched all the way round the outer edge once pulled through right side out, that would be my inner neat freak and finishing freak…