Do you ever find you have an urge comes over you, right in the middle of when you’d planned to do something else, to just get something else that’s been hanging around for a while out of the way instead?  Last Friday evening after work I’d spent ages clearing stuff out of the way for the incoming window guys, dust sheeting lots of areas, and laying out others to be applied the following morning.  I’d then sat down to read through my blog list while I had my dinner, and really was just going to sit for the rest of the night in front of the computer/telly, but then I was suddenly seized with an urge to make the bathmat I’d been thinking about for, oooh, 5 months or so!

This is a fairly simple bathmat and requires just 2 things – 1 hand towel and 1 charm pack (Saltwater in my case).

  • On Friday night I sewed the charm pack together in a 5 x 8 layout, trying my best to randomly distribute the various colours and patterns. 
  • On Sunday I threw the towel in the wash, and when it had dried I chopped the thick bound edges off
  • Next I placed the pieced top face down on top of the towel, pinned it in place and sewed all the way round, leaving a turning gap. 
  • I trimmed my corners, turned it right way out and pressed
  • Then I stitched all the way round the edge, which served to close the turning gap as well as making it look neat!
  • Finally I stitched in the ditch along the charm square seams running across the top to secure it to the towel

Now I’m deciding whether or not to use the other charm pack I have of this line to make another one, so they can be used in rotation when one’s in the wash, or use another charm pack for the second bathmat and use the second Saltwater charm pack for something else.  Decisions, decisions…