After a huge amount of shifting stuff around the flat, especially up into the loft, in anticipation of the new windows being fitted on Saturday, I sat down on Sunday and Monday and sewed like a maniac (bank holidays are accommodating that way at least!)  Unfortunately much of it was a secret, as it’s that time of year again, or something like that, but I’ll share what I can.  Coming up this week, with the window replacement I’m anticipating that there won’t be much sewing done, since on Saturday I’ll be staying out of the way of the workmen and on Sunday I’m imaging there will be a ton of cleanup to do…

Finishes This Week:

SMS Giveaway items (the giveaway is still open here if you’re interested)

Charms were cut and sent to Cindy without a photo (sorry!)

I did a flag for Boston – there will be a post about that on Friday

I did Stitch Tease Blocks for Di – there will be a post about that on Saturday

And then there was a bunch of secret stuff.  Sorry!

In Progress This Week:

After all the franticness, I’ve started cutting the fabric to go round Carl on his tote:

To Be Worked On This Week:

I’m just going to stick to Carl this week

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