Well those carbon-based ones may be forever, but it turns out that the fabric ones aren’t so much, or at least remember how to sew them isn’t so much, for me anyway.  At Sewing Summit last year I took Faith and Kati’s shapes class, but while we were able to practice the partial seams and triangles that Faith was teaching, we didn’t have time to do the diamonds and hexies that Kati was teaching, just watch some demonstrations.  If I had been a good, and obedient student, I would have used that evening’s sewing time to practice this, but my luggage still hadn’t arrived, containing my fabric, and I had a party to attend ;o)

Fast forward 9 months, and I was determined to give birth to a finished project using all these techniques, so it was time to work out those diamonds.  Ugh!

To start with I laid my 60 degree diamonds out (althoguh I forgot to take an initial pic, so imagine these are all separate, ‘k? ;o) )

Next I had to work out how to join them.

First I tried a 1/4″ overlap, but that didn’t work

Then it came to me, it wasn’t the overlap that had to be 1/4″, it was the distance from the edge of one to the other.  Measure from the edge that will join until you get a 1/4″ line drawn between it and the opposite side:

Then line them up using the marks and the other diamond:

Et voila, perfectly in line:

To join my strips together, if the ends had been full diamonds I could have done the same thing, but as I’d chopped the ends off some, I drew a dot 1/4″ in at each seam and used a pin through both points to line the 2 sets of seams up:

All done!