I’ve been a lucky girl this week, with lots of lovely parcels tumbling through my letter box.

Firstly, from the lovely Di over at Random Thoughts Do Or Di, some fabric I’d ordered, in desperation, from Superbuzzy, because everywhere else was out of stock (even if they said they had it – grr)  I can’t show you for now, because I want to see that the project will work first really, but I will tell you that it was Melody Miller and leave it at that…

Next came this fabulousness from Debbie over at A Quilter’s Table

There’s a story behind this, so you’ll have to bear with me here…

I’ve been following Debbie for well over a year now, and she produces a consistently high quality, high volume of sewing projects, throwing in some food for us to drool over once a week as well.  I was lucky enough to meet Debbie and her daughter at SS last year, albeit rather briefly because they were always nice and early to the lectures we shared, and I, well, wasn’t… ;o)

Anywho, way back at the beginning of April, Debbie made herself a new mouse mat similar to the one above.  She’d been inspired by a fabulous quilt that was being made at the time by another fine lady that I religiously, and slightly crazily stalk follow, Maureen over at Maureen Cracknell Handmade:

Borrowed from Maureen’s blog

As soon as I saw the original mouse mat, I threatened to steal it (I’m nice that way) but I’m thinking she figured she was safe, Seattle not being exactly on my way home from work.  Every time I saw it appear after the initial post I again suggested I would commit a felony for it expressed further interest in it, and she very nicely said she’d make me my own, wasn’t that generous of her?  So now it has pride of place on my desk, so I can stroke it regularly.

My final fabulousness to land, was this little baby from Louise Crosbie as part of the ATC swap that Ali ran recently, and for which you made me rip half of mine out and redo (not that I’m bitter and twisted, or holding a grudge about this you understand)

Isn’t it amazing?!  It’s a seashore, with rolling, crocheted and beaded waves, then teeny crabs and shells, and other beach detritus on the ‘shore’.  So much detail in it, I love it!

Thank you to all my contributors to this week’s happy mail!