‘Cos mine is!  I finally bought myself a sat nav last week, dragging myself into this century by moving past those paper map things once and for all.  To be fair, I have used one previously, on the Grand Road Trip, where the one we hired with the camper was invaluable in finding the nearest Walmart, Target and Joann’s (what else?!), and since I’m about to embark on a long car journey by myself through a country that drives on the wrong side of the road, I figured the last thing I needed was to be trying to clutch a Google maps print out while attempting to navigate round Lyon.

Given that this isn’t a toy I’m going to be using all the time, I thought I’d better make it a little cosy to protect its screen for when I’m not gazing deep into its eyes…

This is a super simple flat drawstring pouch, which is just slightly bigger all round in the body than the sat nav, and has fusible fleece added to the outer fabric to protect it.  I used about half of the remaining part of my Heather Ross, so it matches my first aid kit :oD

The most genius part I thought, was my choice of tie – I recently pulled out all my ribbons and tied them to two large embroidery hoops which I hung on the wall so I could see better what I had and actually use a bit more!  I got this printed twill tape when I scrapbooked, isn’t it perfect?

I bet you’re all going to tell me your sat nav is naked, or you went and bought one of them there cases that they sell alongside them, right?