Finally I can reveal one of the many secret projects that seem to be marching through my blog these days.  It was my mum’s birthday on Wednesday, so I was able to present to her the cushions I’d made using this little stack of fabrics I’d taken to Sewing Summit last year:

I had deliberately chosen the fabrics at the time to match the Retro Flowers quilt I made for her last year, but as the fabric didn’t make it to SLC until a day and a half after the actual class, I had to wait til I was home to make them.

#1 – Partial seams – taught by Faith
#2 – Equilateral triangles – taught by Faith also
#3 – Hexagons – taught by Kati

There were meant to be diamonds too, however what I hadn’t realised when I was assembling cushions 1-3 with the pristine Klona white, was that the ‘white’ diamonds I had precut for the class were actually Kona Snow, so they wouldn’t have matched at all (for all the others, the background was to be cut afterwards), therefore the hexies appeared twice.  Oh well…