This month I’ve asked my Stitch Tease bee-mates to make feathers for me, rather like the AMH ones, but being me, and being a teensy bit awkward, I’m making them paper piece them – bwahahaha.

Actually, I decided on the paper piecing because I’d read of a number of other people tearing their hair out trying to make the pieced section of the feather fit on the template, whether they had paper ones or the fancy plastic ones that some people have made up.  This way at least they’ll only need to unpick one wee section at a time!  Each of my bee mates has a different feather, that I created from scratch, but I said I would do a tutorial for them on how to assemble them in general, so here you go:

1. Cut template into 3 pieces as below – ‘A’ section, ‘B’ section and ‘B8’ separately

2. Work out your fabric layout, and get chopping:

3. Start at the bottom of section A with piece A1 (background) and A2 (bottom piece of feather):

4. Trim the seam allowance down to 1/4″ (after you’ve checked A2 covers the correct area!)

5. Flip piece A2 over and press:

6. Repeat all the way up to the top of the feather

7. Add the spine of the feather:

8. Add pieces A7 and A8, then trim seam allowance on spine side down to 1/4″

9. Repeat with the other side of the feather and background piece B7

10. Join the 2 sections at the spine, matching the bottom edge of the paper, and the top of the feather

11. Using a fabric glue stick, stick the paper lightly on to section B8, then join across the top of the feather

12. Trim all the way round.

All done!

I’m not going to give out patterns for these, but I’m guessing if you use the tutes from the EATKS posts this year, you can figure them out nice and easily for yourself :o)