Time for the weekly dose of randomness…

1. It was a sad week this week, with the death of Iain Banks, the author of my absolutely favourite ‘adult’ book (that is to say the first book as a teen that I loved more than any kid or teen centred book), The Crow Road.  I mean really, who couldn’t love a book that starts with the line ‘It was the day my grandmother  exploded’?  I don’t know why, but no other book that he wrote gripped me in the same way, however I think it might be time to dig out my copy again, it’s been a couple of years…  RIP Mr Banks.

2. Thanks to the Open University, this week I discovered who my design alter ego was, want to see?

I had to go and google him, I have to admit, and now I’m off to find my flat cap ;o)  You can find out your alter ego here.

3. I always suspected that people shopping in Tesco in the middle of the night were a bit weird, but really, who leaves a deer head behind at a self service checkout?  Actually, who takes one in, entirely un-noticed?!!!

4. Did you know that there are sharks without teeth, such as the smooth-hound shark?  I wonder if they ever feel slightly inferior or unfulfilled when next to their more toothy cousins?

5. Did you know a 16th Century accountant wrote the first known ‘fashion’ book?  It turns out that for 40 years, a German number cruncher wrote about what he wore, while commissioning watercolour paintings of himself in different outfits, kind of makes the small effort required to get a ‘selfie’ of our latest outfits for our blogs rather insignificant!

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