This week it’s the British traffic edition (the French get their turn next week ;o) )

1.  I know that personalised number plates are the sign, perhaps, that one has too much money on one’s hands, but really, you’d think someone might have mentioned to the bloke that had one that, to all intents and purposes, read ‘Perv’, that perhaps he ought to choose a slightly different layout.  Of course maybe he was one…

2.  I saw a beautiful parking job on the M1, where the car had come neatly to rest in the hard shoulder, perfectly lined up to the carriageway, facing completely the wrong direction.  By the looks of the dents on the side, I presume the central reservation had contributed partly to this achievement, although I suspect that the insurance company would have been less impressed all round, what with this being a very high end Bentley…

3.  This week’s mysterious instruction sign was ‘Understand your highway code’.  I think it must be closely related to the ‘Observe the speed limit’ sign.

4.  So you’ve come across MLDA, right?  The Middle Lane Drivers’ Association.  Well the M1 was suffering from a distinct touch of the OLDAs too, which was more than a tad frustrating, especially when those behind me, who were obviously even more vexed than me, passed them on the inside and they *still* didn’t move over!

5.  So, does anyone else ever see those ‘variable speed limit’ signs and instantly think ‘variable traffic jam’?  That certainly seemed to be the case on the M25, where you find yourself glaring at the 40 sign, thinking, ‘If only!’

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