Do you travel handmade?  And to what extent do you go to for this?

I was just pondering this, as I’ve suddenly been seized by the urge to make dozens of extra wee things, not actually for me, but for my car!  Suddenly my ‘first aid kit’ needs to come out of the wee rucksack it was thrown into for a camping trip 2 years ago, and which doesn’t actually live in the car normally because it doesn’t fit anywhere neatly, to be replaced by a boxy pouch to go in the glove box, and my new sat nav needs a cosy to keep it all protected from the elements, then of course my boot needs a tidy…
1 down, 2 to go then: 

Made from part of an FQ of Heather Ross that I got in a Spoonflower promo last year, and handily, there’s enough left over for the sat nav pouch tonight :oD   I used the pattern for a fully lined pouch from here, and made it ever so slightly bigger.
Do you ever have this problem where you have an urge to make last minute travel ‘things’?  Incidentally my main luggage is still courtesy of Argos, so I’ve a way to go yet ;o)