I’ve been making a few cushions of late, and have a few more left to go, but I hit an interesting conundrum the other day, and I wondered what you all would do.

Looking back through my archives, for cushions like these, I dud a simple envelope back halfway down the back:

On this one, I pushed the boat out and put a covered zip halfway down the back:

For the predecessors to the brown ones above (for my gran’s living room), I used a zip across the bottom, because it was a single piece of fabric making up the case, but I don’t have a photo of them, as they were made well before I started blogging, sorry.

Now my conundrum came when I had some cushions to do that were effectively double sided, but not the same piece of fabric.  I had thought that, instead of going through a 3rd world country’s supply of zips, I would do an envelope, but put it down almost at the bottom as the ‘feature’ didn’t take up the entire side.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, it meant that even with a 3″ overlap, I felt like the cushion would pop out, so I ended up having to add a button too (sorry, I’m not quite done yet, I’ll show you soon, honest!)

So what’s your preferred cushion closing method?  Do you envelope or zip?  Do you do double sided cushions, or am I the only weirdo that does that?