It’s been a busy little week, not least because I’ve been obsessively packing things for, err, about 2 weeks!  Being dyslexic, I know I have the short term memory of your average flea…  ooooh, shiny!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist ;o) )  Anywho, over the years I’ve tried everything, from writing huge lists, to e-mailing myself reminders of things, to post its, to massive piles of crap really useful stuff in the hall.  These days if I’m at home, I start gathering stuff as far in advance as possible, so that should something else pop into my mind, I just add it to the pile.  It does make living here something of an assault course, but hey, I figure I’m keeping us fit too :oD  So anyway, in amongst the gathering of the luggage, I’ve knocked out a few projects.

Finishes This Week:

Secret Project #1, which started off as:

Secret Project #2, which, I’m afraid, is a complete secret for another couple of months

Boxy pouch first aid kit, with the gorgeous Heather Ross camper vans from Spoonflower:

In Progress This Week:

Sat nav cosy – from the same Heather Ross

Boot tidy, from this little lot (what, you didn’t think my boot tidy would have boots? :oD ):

To Be Worked On This Week:

Sat nav cosy
Boot tidy
Whatever hand project leaps into my hand when I’m lounging in the sun :oD

Hope you all had a great week, linking up, as ever, to:

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