A while back I put out a call for pattern testers to give my Bag Along Bag Pattern a try and give me their feedback.  Unfortunately for some it appeared to be not only hazardous to their own health but that of their machines too after they volunteered!  So Sheila and Sarah, I hope you and yours feel better soon :o)

Anyway, 4 lovely ladies managed to get all the pieces together and got her sewn up, so here they all are.

Firstly, the fabulous Kirsten from Gemini Stitches made this little beauty with some Denyse Schmidt’s Aunt Edna line (I had to do a bit of detective work on that, alas, I do not have instant fabric recognition skills ;o) )  Because she had some difficulty finding twist locks, Kirsten used magnetic snaps to close her version:

Next came my dear friend Maddy, of Santa And The Mrs, who decided to make hers as a present for her granddaughter.  Her local shops wanted a good few body parts in exchange for bag parts, so I think the moral is that if you’re looking for bag bits in southern Washington state, go online ;o):

Next was poor old Anneliese from Mail From The Cheeky Monkey, who discovered that mail order bag parts in Ireland come by snail mail!  Her version is enjoying life now as a dance bag for her daughter.

Finally pattern tester for the stars, Maria from Mia’s Creations, who got this pattern curse badly – it took out her entirely family AND her sewing machine, and living in the Middle East that was certainly no mean feat to try and solve!  She rallied though, and came back with this little number :o)

Thank you all so much ladies!

Given the feedback, and the OCD perfectionist in me, I’m now going to make another version using their comments and suggestions and try and get the pattern polished off completely for publication.