I have an interesting conundrum at the moment.  I’m loving my new basting area (apologies for crappy instagram pic)

It’s a good size to get up to about 84″ x 90″ without having to fold bits over and wrestle it around like I had to on my 70″ square kitchen floor area.

My only problem is that the flooring up there is the sealed hardboard kind, and I’m struggling to find the best thing to stick my backing down with to keep it taught.  Magic tape and masking tape will hold it down okay, but any movement on top starts unsticking it again (I’ve tried one quilt with each now)  On the kitchen floor I would use parcel tape, which worked brilliantly but leaves a sticky residue, which I can remove from the lino, but I imagine would not come off the hardboard.

So my 2 options seem to be this:

1. Find the perfect tape that has strength and endurance and no residue

2. Get some cheap lino and lay it up there for basting on

Any thoughts?  Do have a solution on the perfect tape front?  That just sounds like far less hassle than laying lino ;o)