This quilt has been almost a year in the making.  My Brit Bee month for round 2 was August, and I sent out a pack of pre cut fabric to make up one block each in grey and aqua, with a white background, to each of my bee mates.  I made my own aqua and grey ones, and then proceeded to add in some orange ones to make it up to a nice bed size, one of which was made by the lovely Cindy, guest Brit-Beeing for the month :o)  The blocks may or may not have then sat until April waiting for me to get round to finishing the orange ones *ahem*

Having assembled the top, and added a 6″ border all round, I took it down to Susan’s at the end of May where we were having a bit of a Brit Bee get together, and handed it over to Trudi for her to work some feathery magic for me on it (whilst I could possibly have eventually learned how to do this myself, it was easier to make Thrifty instead ;o) )

Trudi handed the quilted masterpiece back over at FQR, and I got it bound on the Saturday night (oh yes, I really know how to paint the town red ;o) ) and here it is on Susan’s trampoline on the way home.

A close up of between the petals, which Lynz had a rather unusual name for on Instagram ;o)

The petals themselves:

And a look at the surrounding feathers in the border:

And here’s a look from the back, not sure if you can see the quilting any better right enough!

Now it’s got hanging sleeves on, and you can find it on its holidays in Edinburgh at Jo Avery’s shop, where she’s holding a month long quilt exhibition to tie in with the Fringe Festival.

Final Stats:

Fabric: Selection of fabric from a large number of lines + Michael Miller (binding) + Moda extra-wide (backing)
Thread: Quilted using Aurifil 50wt on top, and Superior Bottom Line on the back
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Size: 84″ x 72″
Piecing: Brit Bee + Cindy
Quilting: Free motioned feathers and swirls
Quilted by: Trudi Wood
Pattern: Retro Flowers by Christina Lane