Picture that post title said in my most disdainful voice please… ;o)

Actually, it’s not entirely a joke, as it would seem that I appear to be anonymous!  Lizzie Allen very kindly pointed out to me last week that I’m blog of the month in British Patchwork & Quilting in the August issue (hello if you’re visiting from there btw *waves*).  It’s lovely to be featured, but in the description I discovered that I’m anonymous…

I suppose it’s never occurred to me that people wouldn’t know my name, because I comment on other people’s blogs and it’s my own name that appears on the comment, but right enough, it’s hardly obvious around my blog!  I shall have to work out how to fix that and make it more clear, but the question is, do your readers know who you are?  Or are you all flying under the radar too?!

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