Over the last year I’ve loved being part of the Stash Stack Club run by Pink Castle Fabrics:

When this started last year, I’d been quilting for less than 9 months, and my stash was made up of a few FQs I’d picked up at the local fabric shop in desperation, and then lines and a few other random waifs and strays that I’d picked up in online sales, so it was the perfect solution to build up a range of fabrics across the colour range that I could use for bee blocks and swap items, and other things where one wouldn’t be using an entire line of fabric.

Month after month the fabric goodness poured in, until unfortunately the green March bundle wandered off in the post.  I got the shipping notification, tracked it to Chicago, and then it vanished.  Alas, that meant I couldn’t honestly say which side of the pond it had wandered off on, because I think that’s where it hops on a plane to come here, so I held out, and held out, hoping it had fallen down the PO equivalent of the back of the sofa, and would turn up again.

I finally had to concede earlier this month that it was never going to appear, so I e-mailed to ask if it was possible to purchase a replacement.  I immediately got a reply saying that that was far too long to wait for a package, and that they’d send me a replacement one out immediately, which they duly did, and it was waiting for me when I got home from FQR, what great customer service!

So a big thank you to Pink Castle Fabrics, and should any of you wish to get any fabric of your own, they have fabulous prices, and send things out very quickly, plus, at the moment, any purchase over $50 qualifies you for an entry into the prize draw, where you are guaranteed to win either a gift voucher for $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100, or the grand prize of FQs of the entire stash stack club from the last year, a mere 36 yards of fabric!  So what are you waiting for, run over there now!