Apologies to those of you not hauling yourselves to London in a couple of weeks, but the time has come for the intro posts, and I do like to give people fair warning in case they want to hide ;o)

For those of you lucky enough not to know me, I’m Katy, and I live in Glasgow (having arrived here from Belfast via several continents over a number of years)  You can’t possibly miss me, I’m rather large and generally have an air of having been dragged through a hedge backwards.  Then sideways.  And often face first for good measure… (with glasses perched on top of my head it anchors my frizz a little at least)

I’m often accompanied on trips by a rather drunken wee bear too:

It’s him that does all the drinking you understand, I never do…

You will find me, in best ‘What Katy Did’ fashion, sporting this little number:

In the following classes:

  • Friday PM – Jammy bottoms with Kerry – my roomie better hope I finish ;o)
  • Saturday AM – Free Motion with Trudi (the back row are already organised and ready to heckle…)
  • Saturday PM – Triangle City with the famous Katy
  • Sunday AM – Trapunto with Ruth

I’ve ordered my fabric for the jammy bottoms, and printed the pattern out (not stuck together yet), and, err, yeah, that’s it so far!  Better get reading those class lists soon!

Looking forward to seeing some of you there :o)