So I showed you the other day the tag that Jill sent to me, but I hadn’t done my reveal yet.  Well, finally, here it is!  I’m assuming by now that it’s arrived, since it went 1st class last week (although saying that, a credit card bill arrived yesterday that was sent on the 15th June, and was due yesterday…  I don’t think it was first class though, possibly pigeon post)

This went to Teresa_Wales, and I hope I fulfilled her requirements of ‘bright’ and ‘no green’ (please ignore the few wee stalks of grass ;o) )  Apparently I was a little optimistic about the width of the linen to the side of the ‘a’, but it all fit with the binding, so I’m calling it good!

For those that love the bird and have a Sizzix, it’s from a Sizzlets die set that has 2 birds and ‘Tweet’ in the pack.  I stabilised the fabric with interfacing before running it through my Big Shot.  I hand cut the bunting.  Even I’m not so cack-handed I couldn’t cut a triangle ;o)  The handwriting in the stitching is mine.  And looks nothing like what tumbles out on paper when I have a pen in my fist.  Obviously I stitch better than I scribe…

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