This is not so much another traffic edition, but it does have a few mad things I’ve seen on the road of late…

1. Random road traffic advice sign of the week ‘Use the appropriate sized child seat’.  Now I’ve tried and tried, but frankly my bum is just too big…

2. Big shout out to the guy riding down the cycle path wearing a superman cape…  (and yes, he was a grown up!)

3. Speaking of bikes, I played chauffeur for a bunch of my colleagues who were doing a charity bike ride from Oban to Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, driving up to Oban and crack of sparrow fart so they could get going on the 120 mile journey nice and early, as they had ferries to catch later in the day.  Now I distinctly said, as we passed it on the way to where Oban Express had taken the bikes for us the day before, ‘Don’t go in there’:

Lorn & Islands District Hospital

Alas, one of them wasn’t listening, and less than 3 miles later had gone over the handlebars on his way down the first hill.  Poor guy looks like he’s been several rounds with Mike Tyson, but they looked after him nicely overnight there!  On the plus side, they raised over ยฃ5,000 for the company charity that gives equipment to disadvantaged children living within a 10 mile radius of any of our offices, and several items were given out to kids at the barbecue at the end of the ride.

4. On a whole other kind of bike, I saw an interesting outfit being worn by the pillion passenger on a motorbike (that I nearly got to see even more up close and personally than I would have wished after the driver did a rather stupid overtaking move on a twisty 50 mph limit road)  She had on a mini skirt and knee high boots (and a jacket) which left me wondering exactly how comfortable that could have been, since the skirt had ridden right up, wouldn’t there have been a huge draught?!  Oh well, if it works for the Vietnamese…

5. And finally, quote of the week from one of my colleagues.  Upon arriving at work he declared, ‘Ugh, it’s too damned hot in this heatwave.’  Rather puzzled, I replied, ‘But you’re from India, it’s ridiculously hot there.’  ‘I know,’ he said, ‘Why do you think I moved?!’  You can’t really answer that!

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