Now you all know that I’m pretty good at churning out finishes, but what I’m not so good at is churning out completed quilts with any degree of frequency.  With this in mind, both last year and this year I volunteered to quilt tops that friends across the pond pieced for Siblings Together, that way they could make a contribution to this worthy cause without bankrupting themselves trying to post an entire quilt, and I could commit to actually finishing a quilt in time!

This year Rhonda sent me both the top and the back for this quilt – you can tell she’s sent quilts out to be long armed before, or that someone’s trained her way better than me, because she spoiled me with about 4″ extra backing all the way round!  (I normally give myself about 2″ total and call it good.  Sometimes it’s not so good ;o) )

I quilted in the ditch on the diagonals, leaving the pink sections unquilted, and it came out far faster than I imagined it would.  Also, thanks to all the suggestions, after a good wash with loads of Comfort it now smells extremely ‘clean’ :oD

Just to show you the backing, and how the binding I found in my stash matched those flowers on the back beautifully.

I haven’t been to my pet carpark for a photo shoot for a wee while, I’m sure the security guards, or whoever watches the CCTV, were sighing and saying ‘there goes that nutter with the quilts again’!

This will now accompany me to London to be handed over in time for this year’s summer camp :o)