Whew, the heatwave has finally broken here, and there’s been torrential rain and rather loud thunder.  There’s probably been lightning too, but I couldn’t be bothered to look between the curtains next to my sick bed to find out ;o)  Is it wrong that I’m ecstatic that I won’t have to listen to shrieking kids playing outside all day?  If nothing else, at least I can catch up with all the blog reading I’ve missed since I went on holiday…

Anywho, without further ado, since I know you don’t really care about my misery and rain, here’s the haul I brought home from FQR, photo backdrop courtesy of Susan’s trampoline yesterday morning:

The goodie bag:

Goodie bag courtesy of Liberty, notions from Abakhan and Korbond.

Scrap bag of Pat Bravo goodness.

Samples from Makower UK of their London line, some of which I used last year for the cushions I did for the Fat Quarterly jubilee special.

Silk ribbons and threads.

Moda mini charm pack.

Fabric from the Eternal Maker (Hadley, don’t look, it’s brown ;o) )

FQ from Riley Blake – quite handy as my yellow solids always seem somewhat lacking.

Lots of leaflets and vouchers.  I had to borrow Susan’s Oakshott voucher, as I actually spent mine already *ahem*.  Please admire the packing slip too ;o)

New floss from Aurifil.

Yet another goodie bag, this time from the lovely Emily, who surprised us all at dinner:

Emily has just started a new service where she will baste your quilts for you – for those of us with tiny floor spaces (and haven’t just been lucky enough to get loft flooring!) this is a fab idea!  You can also hire her studio and the use of her quilting frame, shame I don’t live nearer to South Devon!

And then onto the stuff I spent my cold, hard cash on…

Oakshott fabulousness, for a secret project.

Organic scrap packs from Eternal Maker, because I love Birch organics stuff, especially those ellies, and they were ยฃ4, so I just had to…

A pendant I’d pre-ordered from Kerry.

Cone of Aurifil that I ordered from our favourite Fluffy Sheep, Cindy (there was a spool too, but it’s in my machine already, and I didn’t have time to retrieve it ;o) )

Liberty just because I could, but I think it’ll be lining for some evening bags, among other things.

More Liberty, but this time from the scraps piles at Shaukat, again, just because I could, and I have a vague idea of a use for it.  Maybe…

I really need to go for a lie down after all that lot!