I came back from holiday and hit the ground not so much running as sprinting!  I had somehow got it into my head that I had 3 1/2 weeks, not 2 1/2 weeks between coming home and leaving again for FQR, and mentally I’d assigned a whole bunch of stuff to be finished in that time (I know, so unlike me, right?!)  The horror of the fact that my time had been eaten into pushed me into overdrive, hence my blog reading catch up has been rather painfully slow.  Apologies if I haven’t got to you yet, or it’s been a few days since you got a comment deluge, it’s not personal, honest!  On the plus side, I’m now ahead of myself again and have written a couple of options back into my list pre-FQR…

Finishes This Week:
I’ve got this finished, but I haven’t managed to haul it over to my pet car park for a photo yet, hopefully tomorrow…
Project Handmade Project – check back tomorrow for that one!
In Progress This Week:
Wee bear for Trudi, sorry, no pics right now, he’s in the ugly duckling stage.
Binding for this little beauty, that I’m getting back from Trudi at FQR:
To Be Worked On This Week:
Trudi’s wee bear
Quilting my Stitch Tease round 1 quilt
Brit bee blocks for Terri
Stitch Tease blocks for Di
Hope you’ve all had a great week :o)
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