Well with FQR taking up much of my last week, I’m not exactly overloaded with finishes this week, but I have started one or two things ;o)

Finishes This Week:

I got my Stitch Tease quilt finished, but it’ll get its big reveal on Saturday.

I also got my Brit Bee quilt back from Trudi, and got it bound at silly o’clock on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It will get it’s extravaganza of show-offs on Sunday.

In Progress This Week:

Jammy bottoms from Kerry’s class.  Totally not Kerry’s fault, but this is currently 1 1/2 legs…  I’ll get them finished this week I hope, I was just a little knackered in class and slightly spaced out!

FMQ with Trudi – actually this isn’t a project as such, but I need to practice my feathers more.  This is the first lot, although I got marginally better, I seem to be better on the left than on the right.  I need to practice more…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Jammy bottoms
Bee blocks for Di
Bee blocks for Jennie
Evicting the tonsillitis/sinusitis/laryngitis ick…

Hope you’ve all had a great week :o)

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