About 18 months ago I pinned the Mod Mosaics tutorial from Elizabeth at Oh Fransson.  At the same time I started joining rainbow charm swaps, with the idea that I could use them to make a scrappy quilt, and I rapidly realised that the two would work well together. At the time I had a tiny stash, and it’s taken a LOT of swaps to build up to a point where I felt I was good to go.

I had originally thought of sending out bags to my Brit Bee buddies for this next round, but we have another cunning plan up our sleeves, so that wasn’t going to work.  In the end I decided last Saturday that I was just going to do it myself, as it was my day to do what I liked with.  As the swaps had taken place I’d set aside one of every charm that I thought would work, and I did a bit of a cull through them to leave myself with 2 sets for each colour, and then set myself the task to make the blocks only using the scraps from my ‘white’ bag, and those for each colour as I got to them.  Not one FQ was to be harmed in the making of this project!

This is my first set of blocks.  There’s a reason they’re not squared off.  I just didn’t want square blocks ;o)  Well, that and the fact that I’m not planning a conventional block layout.

That leaves me with 1 more set to make and then I can assemble this, but I have things I *have* to make first, so I’ll just leave these taped to the wall and admire them for now!  They are quite addicting though.  And I have another project planned already…