Well, this issue is for me anyway ;o)  In issue 14 of Fat Quarterly  out this week, I took part in the Designer Challenge using the new line Collage from Such Designs.  I absolutely love the concept behind this line, and jumped at the chance to play along.  In my heart I was hoping to get some of the bird border print, but when that didn’t materialise, I decided I’d just make my own then.  As you do…

So here’s my contribution for the challenge, which was given to my dad for father’s day, so got to go on its summer holidays to Provence.  In the issue you’ll notice that it’s called a Giant Bear Paw Block, but that’s just to keep you on your toes ;o)


I’m sure Tacha winces slightly when I volunteer for these things, especially when I send her e-mails saying, ‘Do I actually have to sew with this fabric?’, but she’s a brave soul, and sill lets me play, so thank you Tacha!
To grab your own copy, which is packed with contributions from a load of my fabulous friends, head over to the Fat Quarterly site now.